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Whispering Sands

  Siesta Key may have earned the reputation of being a holiday destination, but the barrier island is also an ideal place to permanently reside in. In June of 2000, Siesta Key, as part of Sarasota, was able to get into the “Top 20 Best Places to Live and Work” list by the Employment Review […]

Windward Passage

Windward Passage at 4712 Ocean Blvd. is a residential community which sits right on the northern end of the barrier island. The development overlooks Big Pass and the Gulf of Mexico, granting residents striking views from right through their windows.

White Sands Village

Despite the fact that the units in this community are competitively priced, residents will enjoy an abundance of amenities starting with an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness room. On top of that, residents have access to common laundry facilities.

Vista Hermosa

Residents will enjoy the recreation room as well as its community pool. Vista Hermosa also has storage and parking area. Just recently, the mid-rise condo units underwent remodeling and the homeowner’s association fee in this community is much lower than other developments.

Villa Navarra

The condos for sale in this community measure 900 square feet, and have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Villa Navarra condos for sale typically cost around $250,000. The community is close to Siesta Beach; the units are just roughly a few hundred feet away from the shores..

Twin Palms

The community has its own heated swimming pool. Residents can make use of the community’s laundry facilities and parking area. Close to Twin Palms, Crescent Beach is less populated than Siesta Key Public Beach and its southern end is a known diving and snorkeling site.

Twin Banyan

Twin Banyan condos for sale can be rather rare. But with due diligence, buyers may be lucky enough to find a unit which has a little over 700 square feet in living area and costs anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000. A unit of that size should have two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Turtle Cove

Looking for Turtle Cove condos for sale can be difficult. However, one may chance upon a unit which measures 2,250 square feet, and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage. For a unit of that size, buyers may have to shell out no less than $700,000.

Turtle Bay

Reasonably priced and spaciously designed, the units in this community are ideal for average-sized families. Interested buyers will find units with an average size of 1,400 square feet. These residences have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one-car garage.


Located in the more secluded portion of the island is Tortuga. Although this charming community is situated away from the busy sections of Siesta Key, it is built along a main thoroughfare so accessibility is not a concern. This community also has resort-like amenities for residents.

Tivoli by the Sea

Among the communities in Siesta Key which has the most liberal rental policies is Tivoli by the Sea. Built in 1975, there are a total of 35 units in this residential development. A gulf front property, Tivoli by the Sea is just across the street from the beach.

Tiffany Sands

Located near Crescent Beach, Tiffany Sands is situated in the quieter section of the island. Crescent Beach has earned the reputation of being the island’s “non-private, private beach” because it does not receive as many visitors as Siesta Key Public Beach.

Siesta Bayside South

Although there are cheaper Siesta Key condos for sale, the units at Siesta Bayside South are generously spaced and typical units come with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage. There is no rental minimum giving the property excellent rental potential.

Siesta Beach House

The community features rows of two-story townhouses which are perfect as vacation or permanent homes. Cottages are set amidst palms and other trees. Starting prices of Siesta Beach House condos for sale are at around $400,000 for a unit with a floor area of around 780 square feet.

Siesta Beach Villas

Siesta Beach Villas is just a stone’s throw away from Siesta Key Public Beach. The most popular among the three beaches in the island, Siesta Key Public Beach is packed with so many amenities from tennis and volleyball courts, concession stands to picnic grounds and a gazebo.

Siesta Breakers

Siesta Breakers is situated directly in front of Siesta Key Public Beach. This popular stretch of sand has made it to the list of top 10 beaches. Aside from its abundance of amenities, the island’s main beach made it to the list because of its remarkable sand quality.

Siesta Dunes

Interested buyers need not worry about limited listings for Siesta Dunes condos for sale since there are a total of 160 units in Siesta Key. Typical units measure 1,150 square feet and usually come with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one-car carport.

Siesta Gardens

Situated at the very heart of the island, Siesta Gardens is just a mere block away from Siesta Key’s main beach. Prices for Siesta Gardens condos for sale start at just below $300,000 for units which have a floor area of 650 to 700 square feet.

Siesta Gulf View

Because of its strategic location, Siesta Gulf View is close to Siesta Key Public Beach. At the same time, the community is located in a section of Beach Road which is close to the intersection of Ocean Road, another Siesta Key thoroughfare granting exceptional access.

Siesta Harbor

Located conveniently near Sarasota Bay’s Intracoastal Waterway, Siesta Harbor has its own private docks as well as a private lagoon. The community also has deeded beach access so residents can access the beach. Other amenities include a clubhouse and a swimming pool.

Siesta Sands

Among Siesta Sands’ 25 units, seven are time-shares. At the same time, the units in this residential development have a one week rental minimum making the community perfect for short stays. The community’s liberal rental policies have driven the development’s rental potential up.

Siesta Shores

Many of those who have become extremely enamored by Siesta Key’s laidback lifestyle have decided to invest in Siesta Key real estate. Those who are seriously looking through listings for Siesta Key condos for sale should check out Siesta Shores at 417 Beach Road.

Siesta Towers

This residential development is located at 4822 Ocean Boulevard. Built in 1973, there are only 61 units in this community. Siesta Towers condos for sale come in different sizes and floor plans but buyers will expect all these units to be reasonably priced.

Somerset Cay

The amenities offered by Somerset Cay rival those featured by various resorts. Ideal for boating and sailing enthusiasts, this community has private boat docks. The property itself is strategically located so that it overlooks the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Intracoastal Waterway.

Summer Cove

More and more vacationers are investing in Siesta Key real estate. There is a long list of Siesta Key condos for sale which one can check out. While most of the developments in this island were built in the 80s and 70s, construction on Summer Cove ended in 2007.

Sunrise Cove

Although Sunrise Cove offers units at a lower price range, the community will not leave the residents wanting with regard to amenities. Residents share the use of two swimming pools, one which is a lap pool and the other which is a resort-style pool.

Sunset Royale

The community’s main structure is elegantly designed and is set on well-manicured grounds. Sunset Royale condos for sale are reasonably priced. In fact, a unit which measures 900 square feet can have an asking price of around $500,000.

Terrace East

Residents of Terrace East have access to a number of amenities including elevator service and covered parking. Unit owners can also make use of the community’s clubhouse as well as its swimming pool. Just steps away from the development is Siesta Key Public Beach.

The Inlets

There are a lot of communities to choose from in the island. But if affordability is your main criterion for choosing residential developments, then you should schedule a tour of the Inlets at 9200 Midnight Pass Road. This community is nicely located and offers reasonably priced units.

The Pointe

This community is located close to Turtle Beach. At the same time, residents can make use of the property’s swimming pool and sauna. Residents have access to a picnic area with barbecue grills as well as a fitness center. Tennis facilities are also available for use.

The Terrace

It can be rather difficult to find listings of the Terrace condos for sale. But during rare instances, buyers can find a unit measuring about 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for $1 million. Generally, units in this community are priced from $600,000 to $1.8 million.

The Moorings

Located at 9066 Midnight Pass Road, the Moorings is located at the quieter section of the eight-mile long barrier island. Individuals who are looking for a tranquil place to spend the holidays in should put this residential development on the top of their list.


Interested buyers can choose from four elegant courtyard homes and eight mid-rise units. However, listings of condos from this community can be few and far in between, and the prices will reflect this rarity. Nevertheless, Seagrove units are all ultra-large. It is common for a typical 3,000 square foot unit at Seagrove to have a starting price of $3 million.

Sea Winds

Typical Sea Winds condos for sale measure around 700 square feet and can have a starting price of $100,000 which can go all the way to $150,000. These Siesta Key condos for sale come in one-bedroom, one-bathroom configurations. The units from this community are among the most affordable in the entire island.

Sea Village

There are two things that buyers will find out about Sea Village while searching for listings—that the units are generously spaced and that they are priced reasonably. Interested buyers can find Sea Village condos for sale which measure 1,200 square feet for around $350,000.

Sea Shell

Units in this community are generously spaced but still retain reasonable prices. It is common for buyers to find residences that measure an estimated 1,100 square feet with an asking fee of around $450,000 to just below $500,000. These Siesta Key condos for sale have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Sea Club

Amenities offered in this community include an outdoor swimming pool which serves as a perfect substitute for the beach. At the same time, there is a boat basin within the property premises making Sea Club an appropriate pick for individuals who love to take to the sea.

Sea Breeze

A unit at Sea Breeze can measure around 3,700 square feet and have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage. A unit with this size can have an asking price of around $1.5 million. The minimum rental period for these units is one month.

Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club

Individuals who are thinking of settling in Siesta Key should choose a community which best reflects the island’s lifestyle. Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club at 5900 Midnight Pass Road is a community which offers the Siesta Key way of life to their residents. Built in 1971, there are a total of 188 units in this residential complex.

Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove at 24 Sandy Cove Road is an appropriate community for individuals who want to be in the center of Siesta Key’s fabulous lifestyle. Situated just north of Siesta Key Village, residents of this community have easy access to many of the island’s landmarks.

Provincial Gardens

Amenities at Provincial Gardens include an outdoor swimming pool. At the same, the residents have access to carports which is extremely convenient for those who are driving all the way to Siesta Key. A fishing pier has also been provided to for residents who relish in the sport.

Polynesian Gardens

Those who wish to purchase any of the Polynesian Gardens villas for sale can pick out units that measure 900 square feet or 1,200 square feet. The more modest units may have two-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plans while the larger residences may have two-bedroom and two-bathroom configurations and come with a carport.

Peppertree Gulfside

Spacious yet reasonably priced is a good description of these Siesta Key condos for sale. A prospective buyer may choose from units that measure 975 square feet to 1,400 square feet. Prices usually start at around $200,000 and can go as much as $600,000.

Peppertree Bayside

The condo units at Peppertree Bayside are generously spaced yet reasonably priced. In fact, asking prices for a 1,150 square-foot unit may start at around $350,000.Typical units come in two-bedroom and two-bathroom configurations. Peppertree Bayside is an appropriate choice for individuals who love to fish because it offers private fishing piers.

Paradise Cove

The community is adjacent to Stickney Point Bridge which connects Siesta Key to Sarasota and the rest of mainland Florida. Residents who want to immerse in the arts and culture scene which Sarasota is prominent for need only to take a five minute drive through the bridge.

Palm Bay Club

On top of the natural beauty that surrounds Palm Bay Club, the development offers a list of amenities that vacationing residents will surely appreciate. This community is an excellent choice for boaters and sailors because of its yacht basin and boat docks. Fishing enthusiasts will also be thrilled with the property’s private fishing piers.

Our House at the Beach

Because around 18,000 tourists flock to this island each year for vacations, the property has an excellent rental program. With its strategic location, the property is more attractive to renters than the other developments in the area. Best of all, the units have a rental minimum of just two weeks.

Midnight Sea

Although Midnight Sea is one of the older communities in the island, Midnight Sea condos for sale have all been refurbished. The units are designed as two or three level townhouses. A townhouse which measures 1,152 square feet will carry a price tag of around $369,000.

Midnight Cove II

An incentive for purchasing any of the Siesta Key condos for sale is that the community has an excellent rental program. Located just a few steps away from Crescent Beach and the other shopping districts in the island, more renters prefer Midnight Cove II because of its proximity to famous Siesta Key landmarks.

Midnight Cove

One of the selling points of Midnight Cove is the fact that it is situated right along Crescent Beach. Because of the number of tourists who are attracted to this internationally renowned stretch of sand, the property’s excellent rental program will help buyers defray the cost of their acquisition.

Mariners Inlet

The property offers top-notch amenities most notably private boat slips that will allow residents to head through the Intracoastal Waterways and Sarasota Bay eventually cruising through the renowned Gulf of Mexico. Each unit comes with a private detached garage and separate storage.

Marina Del Sol

The Siesta Key lifestyle, which is carefree and exciting all at the same time, has enticed visitors to stay in the barrier island as permanent or temporary residents. When picking out from the many Siesta Key condos for sale to call home, a tour around Marina del Sol at 1310 Old Stickney Point Road is a must.

La Siesta

Residents may make use of the swimming pool which can be found within the property premises. Unit owners also have access to the recreation center. The clubhouse comes with exercise equipment, billiard and ping pong tables and shuffleboard.

Jamaica Royale

A 700 square feet Jamaica Royale garden villa with one bedroom can have an asking price of $400,000. While a 1,300 square feet unit may be valued at around $900,000. All units have a one-week rental minimum allowing the property to have excellent rental potential.

Island Reef

Island Reef is perfect for individuals whose idea of a great vacation is to be away from the stresses of urban living and just take in the beauty of nature. This property sits in a secluded portion of Turtle Beach at the southern tip of Siesta Key.

Island House

One of the sought after properties in Siesta Key is Island House located on 6150 Midnight Pass Road. This beautiful Siesta Key beachfront property was built in 1967. With a one week rental minimum, the property has excellent rental potential.

Hyatt Siesta Key Beach

Hyatt Siesta Key Beach was built in 2009 and is composed of only 44 units. Prospective buyers get to choose a purchase plan that is tailored fit to suit their needs and preferences. Owners can have both fractional ownership and single ownership.

House of The Sun

House of Sun condos for sale feature two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plans. A 1,215 square feet unit may be priced starting at $300,000. However, sales listings for House of the Sun units can be quite rare as this is a very desirable complex in a very desirable location.

Horizons West

Those who are thinking of acquiring any of the Siesta Key condos for sale should take a look at Horizons West at 6140 Midnight Pass Road. This condominium development is one of the older Siesta Key real estate properties since it was built in 1967.

Hidden Lagoon

Owners are sure to be surrounded with nothing but beauty. Hidden Lagoon’s contemporary style architecture gives all units striking views of the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, this seven acre property boasts of well landscaped grounds.

Harbour Towne

Harbour Towne Yacht Club Townhomes at 1250 Dockside Place is one of the best picks for boating enthusiasts who want to invest in Siesta Key real estate. This bay front property is composed of a total of 50 units and was built in 1982.

Harbor Towers

Harbor Towers is perfect for all those who want to own a Siesta Key condo without having to spend so much for it. Harbor Towers is located in 5855 Midnight Pass Road and was built in 1976. This seven-story tower gives its residents commanding views of Sarasota Bay.

Hamilton Club

What sets apart Hamilton Club townhomes from any of the other Siesta Key condos for sale is its list of amenities. The most significant of its features is its boat docks. The docks at Hamilton Club will allow boaters canal access to Roberts Bay.

Gulf and Bay Club-Bayside

The Gulf and Bay Club Bayside condos for sale come in 959 square feet, 1,495 square feet and 1,835 square feet floor plans. The smallest units cost at around $400,000 and can go as much $500,000 up to $999,000 for the more generously sized residences.

Gulf and Bay Club

Gulf and Bay Club at 5730 Midnight Pass Road is one of the premium properties on this eight-mile barrier key. One thing that residents will love about Gulf and Bay Club is the fact that it is part of a gated community ensuring safety on the part of unit owners and guests.

Fisherman’s Haven

A 1519 square foot Fisherman’s Haven which comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms can cost $450,000 while a more generously spaced 4478 square foot unit which has ten bedrooms and five bathrooms can cost as much as $1,800,000.

Fisherman’s Cove

The prices of a fully furnished two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit can start at around $450,000. But the initial cost of acquiring of a unit at Fisherman’s Cove can easily be recouped by renting out the unit when the owners are away.


There is a total of 166 units in Excelsior so prospective buyers are sure to find property listings of this condominium development at any time of the year. Most of the residences at Excelsior measure from 1260 to 2200 square feet with two- and three-bedroom configurations.

El Presidente

Buyers can easily find two-bedroom, two-bathroom units that measure 1054 square feet which are worth around $450,000. The more generously spaced units that measure 3,569 square feet and have four-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plans may have a price listing of $2.675 million.

Ebb Tide

Lucky buyers can find Ebb Tide residences for sale with a floor area of 421 square feet for $150,000. For those who do not need that much space, 244 square foot efficiency units are also available which are listed only for around $130,000.

Dolphin Bay

This bay front property was built in 1997 and consists of a total of 50 units. This first-class, gated condominium development offers residences for sale measuring about 1915 square feet with two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plans.

Derby Bay South

Derby Bay South condos for sale may have a floor plan of 2,023 square feet and can have a price tag around $400,000. With this price range, it would be a practical move to invest in Siesta Key real estate by purchasing a unit here to cash flow.

Aloha Kai

Whether you’re just visiting Siesta Key to get away from the cold or you plan to retire in this island paradise, Aloha Kai Villas at 6020 Midnight Pass Road will suit both types of buyers. The minimum rental period of Aloha Kai real estate is 1 day


Anchorage at 6415 Moonlight Pass Road was built in 1975 and consists of 99 units. The minimum rental period is 1 to 7 days and Anchorage condos can be rented up to 52 times in a year. The average value of Anchorage condos for sale is $350,000.

Bay Oaks

The Bay Oaks condos for sale have two floor plans with one- and two-bedroom units available. Units range in size from 680 to 1192 square feet, and prices start from $150,000 and may reach $350,000. The minimum lease is 1 to 7 days.

Bay Tree Club

Whether one is looking for a place to vacation in or call home, Bay Tree at 8625 Midnight Pass Road is the best place to begin the search. Built in 1970, this condominium development is situated directly in front of the water and has great views.

Beach Way

This property was built in 1970 and the mid-rise tower consists of a total of 45 residences. The sizes of the units range from 1182 to 1259 square feet, and prices of Beach Way condos for sale start at $300,000 and can go all way to $600,000.


Beachaven is one of the first condominium developments in the island and was built way back in 1966. The property has two villa-style buildings and has a total of 58 units, and the sizes of Beachaven condos for sale range from 420 to 1608 square feet.

Boca Siesta

For those who frequently visit the island and would like to invest in Siesta Key real estate, Boca Siesta at 5911 Midnight Pass Road is the perfect pick. This beachfront condominium development consists of 46 residences in a stylish, multi-storey building.

Calle Minogra

Individuals who want to invest in Siesta Key real estate should take a look at Calle Minogra condos for sale. The units at Calle Minogra have an average floor size of 800 square feet. Two-bedroom with one-bathroom and two-bedroom with two-bathroom floor plans are available.

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca condos for sale range in size from 728 to 1548 square feet. Prices of these residences start at around $300,000 and can climb all the way to $1.2 million. Buyers may choose from one- and two-bedroom floor plans.

Beach Villas

Residents who are looking for exclusivity and increased privacy will like the fact that Beach Villas is composed of only 22 residences. The Beach Villas condos for sale differ in size and floor plan. 1,400 square-feet units that have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are available.

Casa Mar

These moderately priced residences feature 1,008-square-foot residences which include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Prices start at around $200,000 and can go all the way to $900,000. These units may be rented out daily.

Casa Siesta

For those who are in the market for Siesta Key condos for sale, one must take a look at Casa Siesta at 6713 Midnight Pass Road. This mid-rise property is composed of fourteen units delighting residents who value exclusivity.


This luxury condominium development was built in 1982 and has a total of 89 units. The Casarina condos for sale range in sizes from 1344 to 2542 square feet, and prices start at around $650,000 for a two-bedroom unit and can go all the way to $1.7 million


Most of the residences measure 1,588 to 1,900 square feet and the units feature spacious living areas. Prices of the units start at around $530,000 to $550,000. Most of the residences have two-bedroom floor plans, rental period of three months is strictly imposed.

Cozy Cove

With only six units in this residential complex, residents are sure to not be bothered by neighbors. This property was built in 1978 and the units measure about 1,300 square feet. Most of the residences come with two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plans.

Crescent Arms

Basic Crescent Arms condos for sale are valued at around $300,000 while a three-bedroom unit with its own enclosed lanai is priced at around a million. The units have a minimum lease period of a week and may be rented out up to 52 times in a year.

Crescent Royale

The one-bedroom units cost around $275,000. On the other hand, the more spacious Crescent Royale condos for sale which feature four-bedroom units can cost as much as $1.3 million. Two- and three-bedroom units are likewise available.


Because of the limited number of units, residents will have increased privacy. Unlike other properties, Crescent condos for sale are individually distinct from each other. The floor areas of the units range from 1600 to 2413 square feet.

Crystal Sands

The Crystal Sands condos have floor areas that range from 899 to 1643 square feet. Most of the units have two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plans. On an average, the condos are valued at around $800,000. This property has a total of 152 residences.

Dav Mar

This quaint residential complex is composed of six beach cottage style units. Built in 1982, the smaller units measure around 450 square feet while the larger residences have a floor space of 982 square feet. Prices of these units start at around $149,000.